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PCMHComply™ manages the PCMH Recognition and Accreditation process. You simply assign pre-populated tasks to your care team and watch the Compliance Dashboard. PCMHComply™ is a must for every Project Manager or Team Leader with the responsibility of PCMH Recognition or Accreditation.

Polyglot Systems' mission is to improve health outcomes by developing technologies that help patients and providers understand one another. The need for such technologies is severe. One third of the US population is "low health literate" and nearly 30 million Americans have limited English proficiency.

Clearview360 offers a suite of organizational assessments tools developed by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Our tools provide a 360 degree view of healthcare organizations by assessing patient experience, patient satisfaction, health literacy, cultural competency, and employee engagement.

About MHDG

Our mission is to provide our clients with access to resources that will assist in planning for a complete Patient-Centered Medical Home. Our organizational infrastructure balances and aligns the expectations of our clients and the goals of our company. Through the combined talents of our staff we provide personalized proposals using our selective network of recognized healthcare professionals and exclusive partnerships that result in our clients achievement as a Tier 3 NCQA Accredited Medical Home. We take the guess work out of the accreditation process by guiding you through the process. Click Here to Discover more about Medical Home Development Group.